The Pros of Micro Grocery Stores


Consuming locally means finding ways to consume differently, like slowly weaning off large chain stores. Micro grocery stores, neighborhood grocery stores, village grocery stores… all these nicknames that make us laugh, reminding us of summer vacation at the cottage. Ha! Summer vacation at the cottage, in the middle of nowhere. And yet, micro grocery stores are much closer to us than that.

Micro grocery stores are small food stores that chose to sell locally-made products. Of course, what they offer may seem limited, but it’s quite the opposite. Not only do they offer products made here, specialized products, sometimes in bulk, with more of a zero-waste approach, but they also offer a more personalized and warm service, something large surface stores can’t do. Very often, the people working at those micro stores will remember their clientele.

Les Petites Bonneville

In Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, there’s a micro grocery store called Les Petites Bonneville. Karine Bonneville, owner and founder of the initiative, gives a nod to her family, not only with the name of her business, but also with the values she strongly believes in. The concept was a long time coming, and she finally carried out the project with her partner Xavier Burini.

Les Petites Bonneville is a grocery store where you are greeted by name, and where you can discuss wines from here with a sommelier in a welcoming environment. The micro grocery store is part of the bulk network, because it offers refills of olive oil. You can also find prepared meals on site.

For this business, local economy is a choice that paves the way for ecology, by reducing our carbon footprint thanks to less transportation, and also giving access and a certain simplicity to authentic products. Doing your groceries on foot is a small price to pay, and a happy one.

Micro grocery stores allow the promotion of exclusive products, whether it be wine, meat, produce or anything seasonal.

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Épicerie les récoltes

Les Récoltes, a micro grocery store in Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie, is a business that went from organic basket to local consumption.

In the spirit of creating a neighbourhood boutique, the owners established this grocery store with a family structure and a local lifestyle in mind.

All the food sold is chosen by Linh, who travels to visit the farms, meet the people and do all the quality control of the products offered.

Les Récoltes puts their family values in the foreground, as well as the idea of redistributing wealth by cutting out the middle man. The business offers products from local farms and attempts to reduce waste by way of re-educating people on the use of food.

More and more, we’re finding alternative ways to consume. Going to micro grocery stores is an extra step towards finding out about local producers and celebrating food diversity readily available. It also allows you to revive a somewhat forgotten neighbourhood spirit, often described in the works of Tremblay. Let’s not forget all the great eco-friendly initiatives employed: reducing the transportation of food, reducing preservatives in food (because of minimal transportation), limiting the use of a vehicle to go shopping, reducing packaging (micro grocery stores often offer items in bulk), as well as giving you the chance to take a healthy walk while running your errands. To find more micro grocery stores or local products, go to:

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