What do you know about goodwill?

Have you noticed?

We’re all about our planet, lately.

We read charters, sign treaties and make promises.

We’re fine tuning our eco-reflexes: don’t flush after one go, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, compost what you can, recycle, upcycle, eat organic, vegan, fair trade, watch out for your eco impact, make everything homemade, drive an electric vehicle or, better yet, ride a bike with your grocery bags on the handles, avoid buying over-packaged items, plant trees to compensate for airplane travel…

We choose our battles or we embrace every single cause at once according to our personalities, our values, our beliefs… Basically, we’re becoming more aware.


Even the smallest of acts is important.

Obviously, they’re as good on our conscience as they are for the environment.


Being eco-friendly is good for the soul.

It feels good to do good, doesn’t it?


We’re being more and more careful with the world, but less and less with the people who live in it.

I think it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and start being more conscious about our planet and our environment.

Our environment means you and me.

Let’s be green.

Let’s be kind.

Let’s be kind and green!


When I think I need something, I force myself to really think about it, and I ask a few questions:

Do I really need it?

Is it really necessary to add this thing to our beautiful planet?

How can I have the least amount of negative impact?

Can I find it used or second-hand?


Otherwise, my ultimate solution: goodwill.


My friends, goodwill is the future. Without it, we won’t get anywhere! Even by being eco-responsible. Without goodwill, it ain’t gonna happen.


So, as you can see, I like goodwill. I want it in every aspect of my life. It encompasses tolerance, charity, sharing, selflessness, mutual aid, and indulgence.

A huge bouquet of happiness!

And it’s available to all.


Every speech about being green should include a goodwill component. Being kind to our planet, but also to ourselves.


When I’m being kind to my planet and the people on it, I actually take the time to look around at how bountiful it is.

I take the time to say hello. I take the time to be kind. I take the time to encourage others. Just because it feels good.


I encourage you to buy locally.

You grow apples? I’ll buy your apples.

You don’t have to travel far, because I live so close to you. And just like that, you use less gas to deliver your delicious apples to the market. And like me, you are kind as well, so you treat your employees will all the respect they deserve. Plus, because you’re close, we can go see how your apples grow.


And so on and so forth.

See where I’m going with this?

You brew beer? Make canned tomatoes? Stained glass and mosaics?

Your maple trees yield amazing syrup?

Your land grows juicy strawberries in the summer?

Your neighbours sell beautiful wool mittens when the cold hits?

A friend of a friend makes long sleeve shirts with hilarious graphics?

Your sister-in-law writes books, and your boyfriend sells bracelets that he makes himself?

You can even open up shop to sell wonderful homemade fermented products just on the corner.

I want to show you all that I care.


And when I hear, “but it’s expensive to buy local.”

Don’t forget that in the ‘80s or ‘90s, we used to say, “it’s so complicated to recycle!”

And then we said, “but it’s so hard to compost.”

Times have changed, and today, you do all these things because you know that you’re doing something good.

Encouraging local consumption means giving money to people in your community. Near you. It means keeping our money here, at home. Let that sit for a moment, and think about its significance.

You don’t need to change your entire lifestyle. Just try to be conscious of what you’re buying and where it’s coming from.


I’m telling you: Encouraging local consumption feels good! Try it, you’ll see…


Goodwill is also good for the soul.


Plus, it creates jobs for people in your community.

Find local products on: https://www.ulocal.co/en/local-artisans-map/

Isabelle Drapeau